Additional Services

Video Analytics

Simply put, minimising false alarms whilst showing the cause of alarms without the need for beams and passives is a major win. Used to increase accuracy, differentiate causes of alarms, and decreases false alarms, Video Analytics combines traditional CCTV camera monitoring with Advanced Artificial Intelligence software, that can learn and improve over time, based on pre-selected criteria. A.I systems can accurately alert us to suspicious activity to prevent crimes from occurring, and can help cover gaps in existing systems.

Alarm Monitoring

Effective alarm monitoring remains a core security component for every household or property. While many households have conventional alarm monitoring systems in place, the question to ask is what type of alarm monitoring would best suite your property? Verifier provides free integrated alarm monitoring for all of its CCTV monitored clients.

FarmGate Monitoring

A.I driven Perimeter and Gate monitoring early detection for Farms and Rural clientele. A flexible service, allowing clients and Verifier to monitor activity at the entrance gate. LPR can also be added for conservation areas, and to improve access control.

VeriGate Monitoring

Front gate openings account for a staggering amount of opportunistic crime. Who is watching your gate? Cost-effective residential and commercial front gate monitoring, including a notification for gates left open.

Thermographic Imaging

When the annual Flu season comes around, or when COVID proofing your business, avoid unnecessary physical contact when screening employees or the public when entering your building. Our Thermographic Imaging system allows for body temperature monitoring  using CCTV technology to screen for abnormalities and high temperatures. Ideal for large businesses, malls, and retail centers.

Facial Recognition

Modern Artificial Intelligence services can accurately differentiate between several detection categories, such as Human, Animal and Vehicle. What if you could take this state-of-the-art technology one step further? Using AI to recognise blacklisted individuals upon entry to a property, and addressing the issue in a timely manner, is of great importance to any businesses. Ideal for retail, commercial and residential applications, Verifier provides early warning systems with Facial Recognition.