Are you moth-balling your business’ premises?

Working from home has become the new normal, and while some businesses are chomping at the bit, trying to get back to the office, many properties either remain vacant and are vulnerable to looting or vandalism, or shoulder the ongoing cost of expensive on-site guarding.
The solution to this problem posed by many office block managers is to simply hire a guarding company and get a guard to patrol the block at night. This approach of “moth-balling” your building, is effective in some circumstances, but can have several significant drawbacks.

What’s moth-balling a business?

When you plan to resume business from your office space again, you’ll ideally want to have a usable office to go back to. Mothballing is the act of simply putting something there to (hopefully) deter anyone from trespassing or looting, but those moths are resilient! Not only is the cost of manned guarding significant, but the guards themselves may prove to be ineffective. Guards are potentially physically vulnerable to an attack, but there is also the risk of collusion.

What would you rather want, security passively waiting around for possible looters or squatters to show up, or would you rather have an early-warning system to effectively deter them before damage can occur? This applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes, business parks, and to property owners who have had to put all renovation plans on hold for the indefinite future. Significant amounts of money have already been sunk into these properties; we hope to alleviate further unnecessary expenditure until such time as situations improve. At Verifier we provide several such services tailor-made to suit a vast range of security needs.

Remote off-site monitoring options are a great way of further cost saving as many properties already have security systems which can be utilised to prevent the of loss of goods or damage done to the building, at a fraction of the cost of conventional guarding services. The increased speed and accuracy of our state of the art Video Analytic systems means that we have the ability to see your whole property in real-time, and in the instance of an alarm triggering, we are able to accurately see what has already happened, which could prove invaluable for insurance purposes.


What is clear is that opportunistic crime is on the increase, many businesses will be stuck on hold for a number of months to come, and many more may simply choose not to go back to the office right away. Many businesses may end up indefinitely moth-balling their premises. Give yourself real peace of mind, let us focus on cost-effectively protecting what you have so that you can focus on the way forward.