Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

Would you keep all the photos you’ve ever taken on one laptop? Would you go to one doctor for all your medical advice? Would you order Italian food from a sushi bar?  Sometimes you need a back-up, a second opinion, and a specialist to get your order right. It is understandable to try to limit the number of ‘moving parts’ that your business has to think about, but this can lead to problems of its own.

Trying to keep all of your security ‘eggs’ in one basket can leave you vulnerable to a lack of accountability, without a back-up, and wondering whether the service provider has the skills required to address your specific needs. Below are three reasons why you should consider incorporating an off-site dedicated monitoring service into your security plan.


Accountability is one of the most important criteria one should look for in their service provider, mistakes are unavoidable but direct misrepresentation or outright denial can have serious life-threatening repercussions when it comes to security. Verifier has made independence a core tenet of the way our business operates. We are independent from the police, guarding companies, armed response, and other security providers. This ensures that, while we have ties and partnerships with several parties, we can indirectly monitor and prevent collusion from arising.


Using a vertically integrated security company (as mentioned above)  might give the impression of having a larger basket, but in reality, you are simply putting more eggs into one basket. The perceived financial or operating efficiencies that those service providers offer are rarely realised. Incorporating a failover system in the case of an emergency, or a continuous background back-up, can not only highlight areas to be improved upon, but can often improve relations with existing security providers. Quality assurance is one of the many benefits of having a spare set of eyes, solely focussed on monitoring your ‘eggs’.


Verifier has worked hard to create distance between ourselves and competition, suppliers, and clients alike, to focus instead on our relationships between the various parties. The services we offer are specialised and have been honed over years. Simply put, we are specialists, but specialise on a number of areas that can complement existing security services. We have established agreements with our clientele and other security providers to provide services which are aimed at enhancing the systems they already have, and covering blind spots. We are like the basket cover, which is designed to integrate with the basket, provide additional security, and to prevent all of your eggs from going all over the place in an emergency.


A second opinion, a backup solution and specialist attention is sometimes all that is required to implement a seamless security solution. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing security and security providers, providing you with tried and tested experience, giving you real peace of mind.