CCTV Monitoring for the past 3 years around Constantia, an upmarket Cape Town suburb and previously a high crime area, has dramatically helped bring down crime incidents within the area. Off-site CCTV Monitoring Company, Verifier, has assisted the Constantia Neighbourhood Watch and surrounding areas set up and monitor a residents’ donated CCTV Network. The network covers numerous greenbelt choke points, major street intersections and various smaller road networks, as well as License Place Recognition (LPR) camera points at all of the entrances to the area, checking all number plates entering and leaving the area. The systems used include advanced Video Analytics cameras, as well as more conventional CCTV cameras – specifications being matched to the requirements.

These points are monitored 24/7 and are used to prevent crime, as well as to assist in guiding Armed Response service providers and SAPS to where crimes are in progress and investigations are underway. This forms an integral part of the crime fighting system in the Valley where Verifier is on the radio network linking SAPS, Resident Patrollers and Service Providers, who respond together as required. Instant alert systems also are in place for serious incidents, community incidents and mobilization of assistance for fires or any other civil requirements.

“The camera points have lead to numerous arrests, and more importantly, incident preventions,” says Verifier Director, Mike Voortman. “Gangs have been detected moving through the greenbelts late at night with the ensuing arrests, robberies have been averted, and footage has provided SAPS with evidence leading to syndicate arrests.”

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