When thinking about getting off-site CCTV monitoring for your business, most people have it in mind as a preventative security measure and as a source of proof in legal disputes where a crime has taken place. However, their uses and functions to a business are far more diverse than previously thought making them more cost effective than just as a security device.

Off-site monitoring company, Verifier, was recently called in by a client to assist with a labour dispute they were having with some of their staff members. “One of our business park clients had a wage dispute with about 50 of their staff members. We were asked to monitor the situation, as the unhappy workers were congregating at the gates. After keeping an eye on the situation for a while we noticed a large group of workers pushing past the booms and alerted the relevant authorities,” says Verifier Director, Mike Voortman. “Through the live footage we were able to assist in preventing any harm to people and property.”

Last year Verifier were also able to assist monitored clients when a water pipe burst in a factory over a weekend, helping to prevent too much damage from occurring; and were able to assist another client with a fire that had broken out in one of their factories, helping to get the fire under control before it was able to spread and cause more damage.

CCTV off-site monitoring is also able to take the traditional security company home “escorts” to a new level. Instead of  having one of the security company guards accompany you into your house when arriving home late at night, now you can have the CCTV cameras watching as you arrive home, keeping a look out for things happening around your house and even ensuring  that you are safe inside and that no-one has followed you in.

“On a more humorous note  for things happening around your house and even ensuring you are safe inside ensuring no-one has followed you in. e e the Caaa client’s dog went missing – the client had looked absolutely everywhere for it, posters on wall, SPCA, SAPS, the whole story. Verifier received a video loss signal from the client’s site, and dispatched the client’s technician to look into the matter. On opening the guardhouse, the technician found that the dog had somehow been locked inside and had disturbed cabling – causing the alarm, and in effect engineering its own rescue,” says Mike.