Channel Partners

Thinking about becoming a Channel Partner?

For many installers and distributers of security technology/off-site CCTV equipment, finding the right networks to further your business goals within a niche industry can be challenging. Furthermore, finding the right resources to help with issues ranging from technical issues to marketing and training issues for your specialised trade is a time consuming and frustrating endeavour. 

One of Verifier’s core operational principles is independence. As such, we rely on the skills and expertise of trusted external installers and dealers such as yourselves, to ensure that the security technology we monitor for our clientele is provided, installed, and maintained to the highest possible standard. 

As a Technology Consultant, you look to provide your customers with a high standard of service and expertise, and want to represent yourself as such. You’ve spent time, effort and a fair amount of your hard-earned cash getting your business going.

But for many new and established companies looking to grow your service offering, you may have hit a wall. You might be considering your next move but don’t quite know how to realise and put your plans into action. 

Through our Channel Partner Programme, we seek to create a mutually beneficial relationship with new and existing partners. We want members of our broader ‘Verifier Family’ to thrive, and to be able to overcome prevalent issues they may be facing. A rising tide raises all ships.

Becoming a certified Verifier Channel Partner may be the answer you’re looking for.

Do you feel frustrated by a limited client pool, a lack of networking opportunities, instability within your industry?

Do you wish that you had better opportunities to secure your future than staying with your current dealer program?

Do you want to partner with a company that can help with your sales and marketing efforts?

Do you want to partner with a company that cares about independence, loyalty, and customer service?

Do you want to gain access to training programs to fully utilise the latest technologies and offerings on the market?

Do you want to gain access to the best of Verifier’s online resources, with the smoothest account creation process possible?

As a leading company in the security industry, we have gained an extensive portfolio of experience built upon the foundations of tried and tested service offerings. We would like to offer you a means of financial stability, a connection to the strength of our brand, and an opportunity to improve your networking capabilities, all while making your transition as smooth and effortless as possible.

We are dedicated to helping business owners within the security industry like yourself fully utilise the right options available to you. We hope you’ll like what we have to offer, so we can welcome you to the Verifier Family.

Become a Channel Partner Today!

If you are interested in becoming a Channel Partner, please email us at or sign up below, and a representative will get in touch.

At Verifier, we strive to maintain an active relationship with our Certified Channel Partners to create a relationship geared towards success, and a real partnership that can be truly felt.

Verifier’s Certified Channel Partners benefit in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Autonomy to manage your own workflows while being part of our larger group.
  • Alignment with Verifier’s extensive client service experience, and expertise.
  • First-choice inclusion with new installations.
  • Cost-effective networking opportunity sharing.
  • Training and marketing support, materials, and promotion.
  • Participate in a recurring revenue stream.

As a certified Channel Partner, you’ll enjoy personalized technical and marketing support and materials, freeing up your time and streamlining your marketing efforts. Give yourself some real peace of mind, partner with Verifier today!