Factory Case Study


Our clients factory is situated in a security park near to an informal settlement . Conventional security including fencing and manned guarding was proving ineffective . Having invested heavily in the site , moving was not an option, so the accredited installer was approached for a solution .


The accredited Installer supplied an two 16 channel DVRs and associated infra red and dome cameras linked to a an alarm panel and outdoor passives . 16 cameras cover the exterior of the building , and 16 cover the interior .

This system is armed after hours , and Verifier monitors any onsite activity – no after hours guards on site . Verifier also gives access to contactors and delivery staff after hours on request from the client . We also perform forensic services offsite where required .

In our clients words...

“When we purchased an existing facility at Capricorn Business Park (bordering on the Vrygrond informal settlement), security was one of our primary concerns. The premises had been standing empty for some 6 months, the fence perimeter boundary totally inadequate, and despite employing 2 full time guards on our site ( in addition to the security employed by the park) there were numerous incidents of unauthorized access.

Prior to the upgrading of the existing building and erecting our new cold storage facility, the perimeter boundary was completely rebuilt. After careful consideration, the decision was made to do away with after-hours on-site security. Apart from the high cost associated with employing 24 hour security, the risks inherent in this form of security were also assessed. By removing the human factor, potential intimidation, bribery and complicity were also removed from the equation. CCTV cameras were installed in a phased approach during the building process and monitored “off-site” by Verifier Offsite CCTV Camera Monitoring. The system utilizes “event recording” making it impossible for triggers to be ignored, and allows Verifier to assess the reason for the alarm trigger, remotely disarm the system, grant access to armed response, and then re-arm the system once the cause of the trigger had been assessed and addressed. A total of 48 cameras were installed on our site, which measures some 12 500 meters squared, enabling us to monitor the perimeter, external and internal areas of the property, including inside the -25 degree C Cold Store. .

This system is also monitored internally on PC screens during office hours, or remotely via any internet connection (by PC or cell phone), allowing those authorized to do so, to activate, deactivate or grant access to the premises. This was used effectively during the building of our new cold storage facility, granting authorized access after hours where necessary, and identifying petty onsite crime where necessary ( this being done in the absence of an alarm trigger and enabling quick and effective responsibility to be fixed)

Apart from security events, we now have the benefit of receiving immediate notification in the event of burst water pipes, storm damage, fire risk etc. Prompt response to burst water mains have already have already afforded us a considerable saving.

Since implementation, Verifier has learnt to understand our business, cutting down on the times that directors are notified of events. Appropriate action is taken directly by Verifier, and directors are notified only if necessary, or by exception . Verifier have been totally professional in their service and approach. Since the implementation of the offsite monitoring we have had no significant security breaches, and recommend Mike Voortman and Verifier most highly.”

Patrick Gaertner