When faced with upgrading your security, be it commercial or residential, one is faced with a myriad of service providers that all profess to offer a solution. For the uninitiated this can be a daunting task. How does one begin to compare say, one guarding company from another, one CCTV installer from another or one CCTV offsite monitoring company from another? Well, there is no easy answer I’m afraid, however there is a way to help begin to clear the clutter.

Don’t be lured into a service provider that has 10 different offerings – the one-stop-shop solution- rather find out what their core competency is and focus on that.  Ask them what was the first service they offered when the business was started? This should help you on your way to picking the right service provider for your requirement.  One would have thought that SA Breweries, the global multibillion Rand turnover liquor company, would have had the wherewithal to ensure that OK Bazaars retail group would have flourished when they acquired it some years ago. It wasn’t their core competency and was later sold for the princely sum of R1.

Mike Voortman, MD of independent offsite CCTV monitoring company Verifier mentions that this core competency is especially necessary when the solution is more “high-tech”. To ensure that his business is operating at peak efficiency, time, energy and dedication are required. His focus would be diluted if he was managing CCTV installations, guarding etc. as well. He also adds that collusion opportunities and cover ups become far easier when one service provider is offering all the services.

“Look for independence in your service provider,” says Mike, “it might mean you have more than one company handling your security, but at the end of the day your safety , and that of your family and staff is worth far more than the ‘perceived’ inconvenience of not having everything handled by a one-stop-security-solution.”

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