Security and safety from crime has become a very real consideration for households throughout SA. This has led to a significant increase in the number of security residential estates nationwide, as families perceive this to be a more proactive measure to maintain their perception of safety and security. Many of these estates are now having to do away with their traditional thinking regarding security and their offerings to their home-owners; and look to new technology in the fight against crime.

Off-site CCTV monitoring has seen a rapid growth in this market over the past 12 months. “ “29We are monitoring an increasing number of up market security estates,” says Mike Voortman, Director of Verifier Off-site CCTV Monitoring. “We have been monitoring Silverhurst Estate in Constantia for some time now; and have been able to assist them with dramatically reducing their risk of perimeter incursions, as well as reducing their guarding costs by offering virtual guarding solutions, thereby having a situation where numbers of patrolling guards are reduced on site.

Some estates have installed state-of-the-art analytic systems capable of specialised detection such as Beau Constantia and Steenberg Golf Estate. Offsite monitoring is often seen as adding value in a way that conventional guarding does not, in that no on-site control room is required, therefore no CCTV controllers are required and perimeter guarding is eliminated, leaving you only needing access control guards, this leads to savings in Capex and monthly security costs, ever after equipment costs have been factored in. “One of the major benefits that estates have found using our off-site CCTV system, is that we are able to prevent collusion between criminals and security staff due to our remote location,” says Mike. “Through our system, and systems like ours, we are able to remotely check in on Access Control Guards, especially after hours, to ensure that they are doing their job. We are able to future proof the estates perimeter, where conventional prevention has often failed, allowing for peaceful estate living – the way estates were designed to be.”

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