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Why get an LPR system?

Roads, like arteries stretching across the country, connect back roads of the smallest Dorps with the largest of metropoles. Millions of vehicles traverse the landscape every day, and with such a large data pool that is fundamentally tied to roadways, why not take full advantage of this! License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems are integral to the overall access control architecture in South Africa. Verifier currently issues more than 13 000 LPR crime prevention alerts nationally and loads hundreds of new vehicles of interest every month.

Cloned and stolen License Plates are prolific, and criminal syndicates are sharing vehicles between their different divisions. Mitigation of these threats has become essential. Proactive LPR systems have been refined and are integrated to numerous vehicle of interest (VOI) hot lists. Any flagged or wanted vehicle that attempts to enter/enters the premises can be effectively contained, removed, or denied access entirely, depending on your access control measures.

Why implement an LPR system?

  • Crime prevention: Focussed LPR systems at access points can cover the biggest holes in your security.

  • Access control: Knowledge of criminal elements potentially entering and leaving a premises is vital Preventing unwanted vehicles from gaining access all starts with the data LPR systems provide.

  • Speed: Incidents can happen in the blink of an eye, but LPR systems can alert even faster. Faster prevention, faster tracking and tracing, and faster resolution of any issues.

Why you should use a dedicated LPR Managed Service:

To create a truly secure site we need to establish robust preventative systems that encompass and unify multiple Licence Plate Recognition security networks. Approaching a private, off-site monitoring service, such as Verifier, that has an LPR focussed division has numerous benefits such as:

  • Scrubbed, accurate, verified data:

Our Managed Service scrubs and verifies the information on the SAPS, and other private databases, we look for case numbers, and whether the vehicle was recovered or not, then communicate effectively with the specific operational team for each client’s site. With our LPR Managed Service, you have access to national managed and maintained VOI hotlist databases (with data cleaned in accordance with POPIA).

  • False arrest risk mitigation:

One false arrest or situation unintentionally escalated can quickly become a P.R. nightmare. We mitigate this risk by only sending through factual and true communications along carefully curated and cultivated channels. Not only does this protect your public image, but it may additionally protect the safety of your on-site guards. Without accurate information and guidance from a dedicated LPR Managed Service provider, an on-site security guard may think an alert received is from a vehicle that only committed a small crime but may be from a violent individual, or vice versa. A correct response for a correct situation is paramount!

  • Effective mobilisation of armed response and law enforcement.

With clearly and robustly established site-specific SOPs (standard operating protocols) and established workflows, there is a transparent and efficient flow/chain of command for different situations. This reduces the risk of ‘cowboys’ going rogue and escalating situations (as mentioned above).

  • Transparent reporting and accountability:

With the above point in mind, we are an independent service provider. Our independence means that we provide accurate information to our clients. There are no coverups or collusion, in fact, it’s in our benefit if we prevent this from happening and prevent issues for our clients. We’re not afraid to comment on ineffective guards/ armed response, or bad communication/ information channels, and we can therefore make objective assessments of situations unfolding on your site.

  • Tech Support is provided to ensure that your LPR is always operational.

We constantly run site tests and immediately escalate any issues we detect. We then continue to follow up and chase a response to ensure the issue is effectively dealt with. Finally, our talented in-house Technical Support team runs thorough tests to ensure your system is operational. This is a lot of work to do for independent site managers, so let us take the burden off your shoulders.


Out of all the preventative security measures on the market, LPR (managed and scrubbed) services take the cake when it comes to the spread of coverage, the preventative potential, and the speed of targeted action! LPR has the potential to revolutionise your security, so take charge of your site, know who is coming and going, and choose Verifier to give you the real peace of mind you deserve.

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