Red Alert! The Verifier Newsletter July 2012



Red Alert!

The Verifier Newsletter


2nd Edition July 2012



VERIFIER – The Company


Verifier is an Independent off-site monitoring service.


The company has grown considerably since our humble beginnings in late 2009.


Commercial, industrial and residential sites are monitored nationally.


Our daily focus is on refining systems and investigating cutting edge, state-of the-art- solutions for our valued client base.














































Local Business works with Neighbourhood Watches to Create a Safer Valley

Residents in the Constantia Valley can sleep slightly safer at night thanks to the efforts of the newly formed Constantia Valley Watches Association (CVWA) and the support of local off-site CCTV security monitoring company, Verifier, with the implementation of Visec License Plate Recognition (LPR) and overview cameras being installed throughout these areas.


The CVWA –being BKM Watch, Constantia Watch, Constantia Hills Watch, Kirstenhof Watch, Nova Constantia Watch, Plumstead Watch, Southfield Watch and the Tokai Watch – is chaired by Constantia Valley Watch Chairman Mike Voortman. Verifier has assisted – at no charge- in the piloting of the rollout of CCTV projects across the Valley – which has delivered many successes, from criminals being caught in the Greenbelts, to housebreaking preventions being effected with the LPR system, and even arrests of syndicates.


“The seeds of this association were sown a couple of years ago when Constantia Watch invited Clem Sunter to provide a strategy planning session for Constantia’s Crime watches,” says Mike. “The fruitful strategy session provided the seeding of what has expanded to the CVWA through a joint initiative of the Community Policing Forums of Diepriver, Constantia and Kirstenhof. The Watches are collectively forming a formidable force in the Valley to combat and prevent crime – alongside the City and SAPS as our partners.”


Activities are currently run from the BKM Watch and Constantia Watch offices, and the initiative is gaining momentum, with the Constantia Valley Wine Estates, Constantia Village Shopping Centre, and many other businesses already on-board and contributing financially to the wellbeing of the community.


The Valley has already raised and spent approximately R 1 million plus for implementation of the LPR cameras and the Control Room, which are both up and running – with additional camera points being added continuously as further funds are raised. The CVWA area covers approximately 20 000 properties and is already proving to be a solid working model of community co-operation.


For more information please contact either Susan on 0217943367 or Verifier on 086 111 6023



Verifier protects the new Constantia Valley Information Centre




Security Tips:

It is never too late to develop better security habits. Here are a few things to keep in mind when leaving or coming home:

  • Making sure you aren’t being tailed, and if you are, drive to the nearest police station.


  • Never pull into your driveway before your gates are fully open – rather pull over and then open the gates. You don’t want to be stuck if someone pulls up behind you.


  • Keep foliage well under control around your gate, as criminals tend to hide behind bushes etc. waiting for you to arrive.


  • Keep your gate area well-lit.


  • Be aware of people in the vicinity as you arrive home.


  • Always close the gate promptly and make sure it closes completely.


  • Maintain your gates regularly – a broken ‘security’ gate is next to useless.




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