Location, location, location – touted as one of the most important factors when buying a property and particularly when investing in a commercial property that you hope to make money from. However, one of the more important factors often overlooked is security. How safe and secure is your business or industrial park? Do you really want to invest your capital into a property unit that is not concerned with the safety of the tenants and employees? If a park becomes known as an unsafe zone, investors will not be willing to put monies into the park, attracting higher grade tenants will become difficult and slowly but surely the park will stagnate, along with your investment.

Having a guard on site with a guard hut is no longer enough to ensure your property is safe. The human element will unfortunately always leave room for error and manipulation. “Many forward thinking business parks are future-proofing their security systems with offsite CCTV monitored solutions. This reduces their monthly manned security spend – thereby keeping levies in check. It simultaneously enhances the physical security solution so as to attract investors and maintain tenant stability,” comments Mike Voortman, Director of Verifier,  a national independent, offsite CCTV monitoring company.

Security company Verifier, offer 24hour monitored security and are able to respond 24/7 to all security issues, and have also been involved in the early detection of fires and floods in factories and office spaces and have been able to despatch the relevant emergency services. Unfortunately crime and criminals will always be around; we need to ensure that we are doing everything we can to secure not only our own safety but also our financial investments.

“The importance of securing a tenant’s premises cannot be understated by Landlords. Safe and happy means long term tenants,” says Len Pears, Director of Quagga Property Brokers who specialise in the Commercial and Industrial arena. “Adequate and competent security is a must for any commercial, industrial or even residential complex.  The other obvious upside is that the value of the property increases as the crime in that complex decreases.”

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