Managed Services

Managed Services

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With technological progress in the broader intelligence industry occurring at a staggering pace, navigating the fields of Artificial Intelligence, IOT, and integrated operational management has become an increasingly complex task. 
We at Verifier would like to offer our guidance through this technological landscape through diversified technological and operational consultancy.

It is vital for operational managers to look towards expanding their technological capabilities as this can support and enhance their existing manpower services through a number of unique innovations.

  • Efficiencies via data insights.   Optimal utilisation of technology has been shown to greatly improve efficiencies, by generating insightful data. This data, once interpreted, streamlines effective and informed decision making. This has the knock-on effect of increased efficiency and effectiveness. Not only will operational teams, driven by cutting-edge data analysis avoid potential pitfalls in the present moment, but they will be able to project their insights to the future to help mitigate unnecessary expenditure. Thus improving Return on Investment.

  • Cost-effective operations. Verifier’s managed services reduce operational expenditure as we provide access to valuable management resources to assist Facilities Managers. We support the general day-to-day site management and use advanced reporting tools to give them immediate dashboard access in order to stay informed, and ahead of the curve.

  • Improved revenue. Technology driven management can help boost a businesses’ agility and responsiveness to changing circumstances. Additionally, through technology-led innovation, your business can foster an ethos of continuous improvement, which will in turn attract like-minded clients and partners. The technology we utilise can help you to reduce costs by re-purposing existing resources, and optimising the systems you already have. An example of this is the use of AI-powered CCTV monitoring to reduce the need for additional on-site guards, to reduce false alarms, and to streamline access control management.

  • Applied intelligence. Verifier’s managed services has interwoven PSIM (physical security information management), BMS (building management system) and IOT (internet of things) management systems. Through the integration of systems, we have the capacity for centralised reporting, escalation and efficiency in operational management. An example of this usage would be utilising the expanded national resources such as Facial recognition and LPR to aid and improve on-the-ground early warning.