Verifier’s Red Alert October 2012 Newsletter



Red Alert!

The Verifier Newsletter



VERIFIER – The Company


Verifier is an Independent off-site monitoring service.


The company has grown considerably since our humble beginnings in late 2009.


Commercial, industrial and residential sites are monitored nationally.


Our daily focus is on refining systems and investigating cutting edge, state-of the-art- solutions for our valued client base.














































As well as individual household monitoring, Verifier has a range of other security and monitoring products ….


  • Through their remote CCTV Monitoring, Verifier can also significantly reduce the need for physical guarding and thus the human error element and the risk of guard intimidation at company and factory premises is eliminated.


  • Verifier is employed by several estates to monitor their perimeter electric fences. Verifier alerts clients as to the reason for the fence alarm being triggered ie:  when branches fall across them and to ensure they remain intact. Depending on how the clients CCTV installation is configured Verifier can immediately alert the authorities if anyone even approaches the fence.


  • Verifier can remotely monitor fire and disaster risks at factory and company premises, and can call in the required authority before the fire or flood gets out of control. This service could prevent significant financial loss and lost production.


  • Verifier has developed “Store Minder” a product, where they can monitor all the workings of the store; from doors opening, to voiding on till sales, to employee etiquette and traffic in the store. This is incredibly useful in eliminating dishonest elements in the employees as every transaction can be called up and is monitored.


Security Tips:

With the recent increase in driveway attacks, we want to remind you of some tips to help with the security….

  • Change your pattern! Approach your house from different sides, take different routes to and from work, vary the time.


  • If followed, do NOT turn into your driveway – go immediately to the nearest police station or at least a well-lit well-attended public place such as a petrol station. Try to memorize the number plate and report it immediately to the police.


  • Trust your gut – if you have a feeling you are being followed, that someone might be lurking in your property, or that something “just isn’t right” TRUST that feeling. Call in your security service provider to escort you home.


  • Service your gate regularly



Some more Gate Safety Tips:

  • Never pull into your driveway before your gates are fully open – rather pull over and then open the gates. You don’t want to be stuck if someone pulls up behind you.


  • Keep foliage well under control around your gate, as criminals tend to hide behind bushes etc. waiting for you to arrive.


  • Keep your gate area well-lit.


  • Be aware of people in the vicinity as you arrive home.


  • Always close the gate promptly and make sure it closes completely.


  • Maintain your security gates regularly – a broken ‘security’ gate is next to useless.


  •  Maintain your front sliding gate and ensure that it closes as quickly as possible to avoid people following you in.




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Fax: 086 684 8484