Welcome to the #Verifiedpartner Programme!

Security, Support, Partnerships. It has taken many years of hard work, strategy, and dedication to our service for Verifier to gain its wide recognition as a leader in the field of off-site monitoring and intelligence services. We are known for our quality security offerings, our expertise and experience, and for our personal service delivery.

But we acknowledge that all of this would not have been possible without the relationships curated with professional channel partners who share our vision and mindset. We have decided to expand our channel partnership offering, aiming to build on the benefits we have developed with our current trusted channel partners.

We have therefore created our #VerifiedPartner channel partner programme, aimed at:

  • Strengthening our network of channel partners to provide opportunities for expansion into new geographical areas and markets.
  • Providing access to training and marketing material to promote brand synergy and streamline training.
  • Providing our partners with one-on-one uninterrupted access to our dedicated tech-support team to help streamline your client onboarding and site maintenance.

We hope to show you why joining our #VerifiedPartner programme will solve needs you weren’t aware you had, the importance of partnership, what makes our partnership initiative unique, and how you can get involved. We look forward to walking this path together.

What it is:

As a Technology Consultant, you look to provide your customers with a high standard of service and you’ve spent time, effort and a fair amount of your hard-earned cash getting your business going. But for many new and established companies looking to grow your service offering, you may have hit a wall. You might be considering your next move but don’t quite know how to realise and put your plans into action. We have identified several pitfalls our channel partners continue to face such as :

  • Frustration by a limited client pool, a lack of networking opportunities, and instability within the industry. Channel partners want an ‘in’ into a community or area, and consistency of work.
  • Lack of time and skills needed to improve sales and marketing efforts. Increased selling power and referrals, as well as improved recognition are key to successful public engagement.
  • Lack of quality training programs on how to fully utilise the latest technologies and offerings on the market.
  • No source of recurring revenue.

We rely on our professional partners to provide stellar technical support to our clients, to generate leads and referrals through top-tier client relationships, and to grow our brand into new areas. Together we can network, promote public communication efforts with our clientele, improve branding and sales, and create feedback systems to grow each-other’s businesses. It is only through establishing business ubuntu that we can all flourish.

Why it’s important:

Running a business takes time and effort, the economic and social climate in South Africa is unstable, and people are looking to change how they’re doing business. But there is opportunity in the chaos.  How can a channel partner best seize the opportunities? You need networking, connections, introductions – the trust we have built up over years. You need marketing materials, training, and co-branding to show association with the strength of our brand.

But the trust is built up both ways. Know that if you are accepted into Verifier’s programme, there will be evaluations and testing to ensure you are up to the standard…but if you are, the benefits will be worth it.

A rising tide raises all ships. We want to expand into new areas, but we also want to re-enforce ties to existing clients, and we want our clients to be happy, safe, and to have peace of mind. We want to use our technology and platforms to transform South Africa from a crime hotspot to a shining example of what our society could be. We want to use technology to prevent crime before it even happens, and to provide accountability and transparency for all shareholders involved.

What makes our channel partnership programme unique?

We provide what is valuable…simple as that. No fluff and gimmicks, only what works.

  • We provide marketing materials to ease your marketing efforts.
  • We provide access to networks of clientele including estates, high nett worth individuals and national commercial clients, allowing for cost-effective opportunity sharing.
  • We provide industry specific training that is aimed to answer all your most common issues that nag at you and never seem to be resolved.
  • We provide alignment with Verifier’s extensive client service experience, and expertise.
  • We provide tech support with some of the best in the industry, we provide time with our experts, and we all know the value of one-on-one, personal interaction.
  • We provide industry specific tips, tricks, and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • We allow for greater autonomy to manage your own workflows while being part of our larger group.
  • We provide our #VerifiedPartners with first-choice inclusion with new installations.
  • We aim to provide you with ways of participating in long-term recurring revenue streams.
  • We provide possibility and opportunity.

The rest is up to you. Are you willing to seize the opportunity?

When are we launching it?

We are launching our channel partner programme in the first half of 2021, and we aim to release the benefits on our secured, #VerifiedPartner approved access only portal. We will release content in waves, aimed at providing the necessities first to smooth existing troubles, to provide marketing resources to re-engage and further engage your audiences, and finally we will release a number of resources created through requests and interactions we will aim to have with you, our trusted Channel Partners, providing highly specific and customised content.

How can you get involved?

To become a #VerifiedPartner, either sign up with us on our website:  www.verifier.co.za/channel-partners/   or you can email us on info@verifier.co.za , and a representative will get back to you with further steps.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to the Verifier family!