Would you choose a GP over a Cardiologist to handle your life threatening heart condition? Of course not, for serious matters you choose the specialist most qualified to give you the best advice and service. So why, when it comes to our personal and business safety and security do we always look for the quickest and cheapest, one-stop-shop option? We seem to want the quick fix solution. One-stop-security solution providers are great when looking at things from a purely superficial view in terms of apparent ease of engagement – but when you dig down a little further you realise it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Collusion with would be criminal elements becomes a very real possibility; accountability and responsibility and transparency are sometimes questionable.  


“We have seen a trend of people looking for more specialist, independent security options,” says Director of Verifier Off-Site Monitoring, Mike Voortman. “While many people are still nervous to let go of their traditional security solutions, they have realised that separation of function is a necessity, and increasingly we are being asked to monitor site security staff. Transparent reporting to our clients is a key element of our service, a factor contributing to the rapid growth in referrals.”


Independent off-site CCTV monitoring companies like Verifier, are able to offer focused, specialised services to clients to give them the ultimate peace of mind. “As a company we are independent – offering only monitoring services to our clients. A key differentiator of our business is that we do not participate in the installation or guarding processes, which allows us to keep completely free of any collusion and cover-up possibilities,” says Mike.


The clear message coming through is that we need to start questioning the services/ products that we purchase and pay for. Find out how things operate and how this will affect you personally – after all you are paying for these services and products to keep you or your business/ staff safe. If you do not feel that your needs are being met, do your homework, look for independent suppliers who are able to guarantee accountability and independence.


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