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Verifier was established in 2009, and we have since positioned ourselves as leaders in the field of off-site monitoring and managed security operations services. With clients across industry sectors both in South Africa and abroad, we are renowned for our quality of service, independence, and extensive experience.


We operate control centres in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, alongside dedicated flagship corporate hubs.

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We broadly service two distinct yet interconnected needs that we have identified from our clientele, namely well-run Off-site Security Monitoring, and Managed Operations, Technology, and Business Intelligence services.

Verifier has a highly experienced management team, supported by skilled in-house technical support and national technology partners. With our ongoing controller training and extensive recruitment and evaluation procedures, the people at the core of our business helps place Verifier in a class of its own.


With every decision we make, we are guided by our internal set of values, and hope that this can be felt by our customers in the interactions we have. Independence is at the core of how Verifier operates. Our independence from installers, suppliers and armed response/guarding companies means that Verifier reports only to you, the client. This allows a totally transparent relationship and effective reporting. No cover-ups, no collusion, just honest service and advice.


Tried and tested. Real Peace of Mind.


Independence, Passion, Protection.

We want to share the core pillars that make Verifier the company it is.


From its people to the technology utilised, Verifier looks for the best emerging talent and hopes to nurture relationships to grow over years into something truly special.

We hope you can join us on this journey.

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