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Private Property

Residential Security

Verifier offers a wide array of Residential security solutions, for individual homeowners as well as security estates.

Residential Estates

One of the many benefits of Estate living is the relative comfort and safety provided by high walls and guard patrols.


However, these measures alone won’t ensure an intact perimeter line, and won’t keep unwanted visitors out. An integrated monitored electronic and man-power solution is essential! 


Intrusions can occur in the blink of an eye, so prevention and monitoring should be the first line of defence.


Verifier’s Estate Monitoring solution uses advanced Artificial Intelligence powered CCTV systems to create virtual perimeter boundaries, and License Plate Recognition software (LPR) to monitor entrances, providing cost-effective monitoring, helping you to know what’s happening around you and take back control of your security.

Aerial View of Suburban Street
Modern House
Home Security Monitoring

As a homeowner or renter in South Africa, feelings of uncertainty regarding your security are not uncommon. Thoughts such as “do I travel for business?”, “do I leave my family alone at home?”, and “who is watching over us when we’re coming and going?”, are common anxieties.  

Verifier’s Residential Monitoring solution is aimed primarily at keeping your homes, and families safe from criminal activity.


Through the integration of alarm monitoring, and by creating early-warning virtual boundaries through the use of audio-challenge with Video Analytic powered CCTV systems, we aim to provide you and your loved ones peace of mind.

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