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Managed Services

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Our managed services incorporate security-centric Operations, Technology, and Business Intelligence. 

Fulfilling customers' needs for a one-stop managed service, we address security operations centers, managed rollouts of technical installations, managed security, and risk consulting. 

Let our managed services bridge the gap between idea and solution, technology, and the management needed for successful implementation.

Efficiency.  Experience.  Transparency.


Security | Human Capital
Facilities Management

Ask yourself, if a situation occurred at your business premises, would you know about it?

  •  If carbon monoxide built-up in a basement due to a ventilation system failure, or if a cleaner/ smoker opens or wedges an emergency/fire door and forgets to close it, how confident are you that your staff would action to fix the problem?

  • Have you ever had a security issue, but couldn’t get a straight answer as to what exactly happened?

  • How do you know if there is an issue if you don’t get feedback from your staff or equipment?



Consulting & Support

How well are you utilising the technology you have? And are you getting ripped off for technology you don’t need?

Who would you call when:

  • Your CCTV goes offline, and nobody knows if it’s the local network, switches, cameras themselves, or other causes.

  • The building HVAC doesn’t shut off at the scheduled time and runs all night.

  • You want to incorporate more IOT devices into your business’s technology network, but need expertise to make sure everything works and integrates seamlessly.

Business Intelligence

Reporting | Data Management Behaviour Analysis

Verifier’s Business Intelligence Managed Services component establishes a high-level synopsis of what’s going on in your business.

How often do you:

  • Carry the cost of inefficiencies because of manual data collection.

  • Struggle getting an overview of your operations without a regional or national LIVE dashboard to check on critical systems status.

  • Struggle converting collected data into usable real information.

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