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Business & Commercial Security

Verifier's Business & Commercial Monitoring solutions are tailored to your needs, be it for a small business, a large commercial business/industrial park, or anything in between.

Business Parks

Management of a business park is a 24/7 job. With constant guard shift changes, access control issues, and having to contend with the sheer volume of people coming and going, it’s a sure-fire security challenge.

Verifier’s Business Park monitoring solution provides high-end A.I driven perimeter CCTV monitoring, advanced LPR systems, and cost-effective early warning preventative detection, while allowing for minimal on-site guarding. 

Transparency and safety is a major concern, not only to keep assets secured, but also to provide a sheltered working environment for long-term tenants, in order to ensure retained occupation.


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Trucks Parked In Line
Commercial/ Industrial Monitoring

How can you best secure the assets within your building whilst also protect the building itself?

Verifier’s Commercial Monitoring solution addresses the needs for perimeter monitoring, access management, fire and alarm monitoring.


Theft and vandalism is prevented by utilising the latest in LPR and CCTV technology, incorporating A.I powered Video Analytics as well as Thermal and Infrared camera technology.

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