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  • Q: Does Verifier only do CCTV monitoring, or are there other security services on offer?

A: Verifier offers a variety of security services, for a variety of clientele. We offer Residential and Commercial CCTV monitoring services, as well as Alarm monitoring, Gate monitoring, Estate monitoring, Greenbelt and Community monitoring services, Asset Tracking, LPR (License Plate Recognition) Monitoring, Centralised Client-based Facilities Control Centre Management and more. Get in touch with our client services department to find out which service is right for you.

  • Q: Why should I choose Verifier? How is it different from the other providers?

A: We are an independent monitoring service, and as such, whilst we are at arm’s length from the competition, the police, our installers, and suppliers, we are free to work one on one with our clients, to inform and advise without ulterior motives. We remain transparent in our reporting, to ensure the client feels real peace of mind. Our Independence and internal reporting systems ensure that we are free from collusion with on-site security and the likes. We have pioneered certain services and have become a leader in our field.

  • Q: What is the best system to have?

A: Each client is different, and as such, we can’t suggest a one-size-fits-all system for all our clients. Every property has different requirements and budget constraints, as well as different strengths, which we hope to utilise alongside our systems to create customised security solutions for each individual client. We are not installers, and therefore we do not directly sell specific systems, but rather, we advise on systems which can be purchased and installed through our various supply chain partners. We provide a service, rather than a specific product.

  • Q: When does most criminal activity take place?

A: There is no distinctive answer here as crime patterns change radically according to the area, response, and visibility. Many people assume that most crime occurs at night, while there is some merit to this idea, a lot of criminal activity happens during the day when people are not at home. Verifier operates on a 24/7 basis to ensure that properties are protected during all hours. Speak to our sales department representatives to discuss what times are best for Verifier to monitor your property.

  • Q: Who calls the police if there is a person spotted on my CCTV, me or Verifier?

A: As soon as an alarm is triggered, we immediately monitor the situation to verify the threat level. We then notify the client contacts(including Armed Response) to inform of the alarm activation. We monitor the situation first, before dispatching the police to prevent false callouts, and to give accurate and timely feedback to the police if necessary. In short, Verifier will contact the police, after notifying the client, if the situation calls for it.​

  • Q: What camera should I get?

A: Depending on your budget and what you would wish us to monitor, there are a variety of cameras to choose from. We can only make recommendations after doing a risk assessment or getting one of our installer partners to view the property. It is not necessary to get the most high-end CCTV camera system to achieve effective monitoring, but we do recommend having cameras with a high enough definition for our control-room operators to clearly monitor your property.

  • Q: Are the CCTV cameras free with my service?

A: CCTV cameras do not come free with our monitoring services; however, we can put you in touch with a number of installers in order for you to get effective camera equipment at a reasonable price.

  • Q: What is Video analytics, and do I have to have it for Verifier’s services to work?

A: Video analytics is the use of Artificial Intelligence technology in CCTV security camera monitoring to accurately and efficiently detect human presence on your property. It is not strictly necessary to have video analytics on your property for Verifier’s services to work, however, for busy commercial sites, it may be necessary in order to prevent false alarms by using the analytics to filter out benign activity.

  • Q: Do people always monitor my house through my cameras? Isn’t that a privacy issue?

A: Verifier only monitors your site once an alarm has been activated. Rather than laboriously watching streaming video, Verifier controllers monitor ‘events’ live as they occur. This form of ‘black screen’ monitoring allows for the most efficient use of a controller’s time and prevents the boredom associated with watching ongoing streaming video. With conventional streaming monitoring, after only 22 minutes a controller can miss up to 95% of events. This statistic is a key determinant as to why the event monitoring route was chosen. While we are able to dial in to a camera on a property, it is strictly prohibited unless in an emergency, a new camera testing situation, or if the need is directly expressed by the client. The protocol is ultimately defined by the client. Your privacy and safety in your home/property is our top priority.

  • Q: What happens if Verifier can’t get hold of me in an emergency situation?

A: Once an alarm has been triggered, Verifier monitors the situation and aims to contact the client as quickly as possible. We start with the primary client contact we have loaded on our database, if we can not get in touch with this person, then we follow up by calling the 2nd, then 3rd and 4th contacts loaded on our database. If there is a clearly visible emergency unfolding, and we can’t contact the client, then we will phone the necessary third party (armed response, police, fire department) and stay in contact until the situation is resolved. The protocol of what should happen in an emergency situation is specifically determined by the client.

  • Q: Does Verifier also offer armed response or guarding?

A: Verifier does not offer guarding or armed response services.

  • Q: Is Verifier only based in Cape Town?

A: Verifier operates nationally. We have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but we service clients from many other provinces. We are able to remotely monitor clients anywhere in the country provided they have a reliable internet connection.

  • Q: What happens if there is load-shedding or an issue at Verifier’s control room? Am I still protected?

A: Verifier has numerous back-up protocols in place to achieve virtually un-interrupted service. We have back-up control rooms, as well as back-up power generators. If there are any major issues at any of our facilities, we will immediately notify our clientele accordingly.

  • Q: Are there ways to upgrade or down-scale the services I already have?

A: Due to budget constraints and changing needs, we can provide tailored security solutions for each of our clients. If you are looking to change your systems, please contact our client services department, and we will alter your system to the best of our abilities. We have several other services for those on a budget such as alarm monitoring services, or our VeriGate system, which only requires one or two cameras and our VeriGate system extension. If you are looking to upgrade your system, we also have several incremental system upgrade options available.

  • Q: Do I have to get a whole new CCTV security system when I move to Verifier?

A: That won’t be necessary, Verifier’s systems seamlessly integrate existing hardware and software. When moving across to Verifier, we will send through an installer to ensure that all existing systems are running correctly and are able to connect with our control rooms. If there is an issue noted, we will discuss the necessary alterations to your system necessary to achieve optimal protection.

  • Q: When can I sign up?

A: Click on this link to get in touch with us, and a client services representative will call you back.

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