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License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)

Ideal as an early warning system, Verifier's LPR solution integrates data and access control to fight crime, and provide you with better peace of mind.

Licence Plate Recognition

Verifier’s License Plate Recognition solution is aimed at preventing crime through monitoring and tracing vehicles entering properties, malls, neighborhoods, and many other high-risk settings.

Our LPR solution is aimed at preventing armed robberies at shopping centers, and repeat offenders causing trouble at commercial or residential estates; and aids in tracing missing, stolen, or hotlisted vehicles.


Integrating advanced data-driven Licence Plate Recognition can be a huge benefit to city-wide crime prevention initiatives.

Car Cleaning Service

"Verifier's LPR solution has proven effective in assisting to combat crime in our precinct, whilst freeing up our local security staff to focus on security management tasks. It is a cost effective method of producing early warning verified LPR alerts – essential to high traffic precincts like ours".

Gordon Ralph

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