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Why Choose Verifier?

A different approach to managed security and intelligence services.

We don't just do security, we live it, we embrace it, and we embody it. With over a decade of operations experience, we've found our tried and tested formula.


With strong core tenants, passionate people, and trusted relationships cultivated over time, there's nothing you can't accomplish.


Read more about our pillars of operations here: 

Our Services

Crime Prevention, Cost Reduction, Independence, Trust.

Let us take your Security and Managed Services to the next level.

Verifier is the leader in off-site CCTV monitoring, experts in the fields of AI-driven CCTV monitoring, License plate recognition (LPR/ANPR), and technology-enhanced security services. 

With CCTV control centers in Gauteng and in the Western Cape, Verifier offers security services throughout South Africa.

We aim to provide cutting-edge, state-of-the-art crime prevention solutions, and ensure through our independence there is no collusion, only trust and transparency.

Abstract Lines

Our Centurion Control Centre(CCC) is managed and staffed by Verifier who also provide LPR services for the mall and many other sites within the Redefine portfolio. CCC is successfully independently managed by Verifier with a third party security company providing on site guarding and tactical services.


The two companies work in unison and complement each others services – with the resultant outcome that the crime statistics in the mall precinct has drastically reduced in the 2,5 years of the service thus far!

André Klopper

Redefine National Facilities Manager

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