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Farm Monitoring

Verifier's Farm/Rural monitoring solution utilises cutting-edge preventative monitoring to protect not only your residence, but also the goods you produce, and the people who produce it.

Farm/Rural Monitoring

The remote nature of many farms and rural homesteads in South Africa has significant benefits, but also several drawbacks, and in an emergency, help might be a car-ride away.


We aim to close that gap and provide you with better peace of mind so that you can remain remote, but still connected.

Verifier’s Farm Monitoring solution works with rural safety initiatives as well as individual farmers to tailor make solutions to suit a variety of needs. We incorporate long farm perimeter fence monitoring for accurate early-detection of instances on your homestead, front gate, and at critical infrastructure.


We also utilise LPR for anti-poaching needs, through tracing vehicles and occupants. 


Farm View
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