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10 years at Verifier with Simon Becker

Most people who work with Verifier have met Simon at one point or another, and if they haven't, they should! With unmatched technical expertise, a keen interest in the latest innovations in A.I security and beyond, and a wholehearted drive to meaningfully engage with people, he's undeniably at the beating heart of what makes Verifier stand apart. Here are some of his insights from his decade at Verifier.

Q: What changes have you seen in the broad security industry in the past decade?

There has been a broader acceptance of A.I and CCTV as the technology has become more cost-effective. Everyone is using A.I-driven technology, from residential homeowners through to large commercial sites. On top of this, there has been an expansion in the use of mobile apps in control of security systems. So the tech is truly becoming accessible, and manageable from the palm of your hand. The emergence of behavioural modelling in A.I to detect specific human behaviour has been an interesting change.

Q: What piece of technology do you believe has been the biggest game-changer? (Hardware, software, a use of technology etc.)

Cloud-based solutions, for ANPR and the like, have been pivotal for many of the managed operational and security solutions we offer. Allowing centralisation of data and more efficient controls, Cloud-based systems facilitate effective collaboration between service providers, and between sites, to really utilise ANPR’s capabilities. Additionally, the cloud allows multiple A.I integrations into a single site without expensive on-site hardware.

Q: What changes have you seen at Verifier over your time here?

I’ve seen major growth, vertically and horizontally. Our business has expanded by rates exceeding 1000% in the past decade. We have progressed from a CCTV-security focus to a holistic managed operations and security focus, providing a greater number of services to our clients. We have also increased the number of clients we service nationally, and internationally.

Q: How has your role evolved over time?

Initially joining to support the technical and sales departments, my role evolved to sales director, and has now evolved to technical director.

Q: Where do you see the industry heading in the near future?

I see a greater use of more advanced A.I systems combined with CCTV, and less use of traditional systems. A.I-driven analytic systems will become better and better at performing existing capabilities, and will expand the capabilities in exciting and unexpected ways. This will definitely lead to major disruptions and opportunities in the security industry, meaning a shift from traditional guarding to the new normal,  a synergy of manpower and technology.

Q: What changes or additions would you like to see happen?

I think all businesses should establish a strong learning culture, especially in the tech field, to keep up with the rapid changes brought on by technology. I’d also like to see Verifier have greater exposure to a large global marketplace.

Q: Do you have any memorable or meaningful experiences you’ve taken from your time at Verifier or working in the broader security industry? 

Every day is memorable here, there are just so many classics we’ve had!

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