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10 years with Naz at Verifier!

For those of you who don't know, our amazing Faranaaz (Naz) has reached a milestone of note! 10 years of outstanding work at Verifier! We want to congratulate her on this achievement in her career, and we want to thank her for the time she's put in! Without her, Verifier wouldn't be where it is today! Here are a few of her observations about working at Verifier:

Q: What changes have you seen in the broad security industry in the past decade?

The use of AI has taken over, and from here on out it seems like what was deemed to be impossible in the past, will be the next step for future generations to come.

Q: What piece of technology do you believe has been the biggest game-changer?

AI, definitely.

Q: What changes have you seen at Verifier over your time here?

Starting out in Constantia, with 2/3 Controllers per shift and supervisors on night shifts only, to where we are now, major changes. We have grown so much as a company.

Q: How have your roles evolved over time?

I’ve gone from Junior Control Room Operator to Senior Operator, to Training Facilitator, and stand-in Supervisor, to working in Admin – the Client Services department. It has been quite a journey.

Q: Where do you see the industry heading in the near future?

That AI will be the new normal, for industries across the board.

Q: What changes or additions would you like to see happen?

Multiplying our clientele with more international sites. Maybe do some site visits!

Q: Do you have any memorable or meaningful experiences you’ve taken from your time at Verifier or working in the broader security industry?

Meeting Uncle Pete and “Sakkie” has taught me that we are all capable of accomplishing whatever we set our minds to. If you put the time, effort, and energy into it, you will be able to reap the benefits thereof!

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