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Dahua Demo:

With new versions of CCTV hardware and software being churned out at a rate of knots by several of the ‘big guns’ in the security industry, it’s tough to stay on top of the latest innovations and industry trends. We recently had the pleasure of spending time at the Dahua head office in Century City, Cape Town, where we got to take a peek at their demo room.

Upon arriving we were greeted by the first piece of tech, a facial recognition biometric access control unit, doing what it does best, keeping unrecognised people out! We were soon granted access to the head office, and our tour began. After a bottle of water to quench our thirst (Cape Town was surprisingly warm for April), we were guided to a room with more screens and cameras than walls!

We were briefed about each piece of tech, and were able to see in real-time the accuracy of the CCTV cameras! The thermal imaging was especially interesting to watch, as it was able to pick up the slightest variations in body temperature, tested by placing the ice-cold water against our foreheads. Once we re-gained our composure after geeking out on the wow factor of these cameras, we were able to ask really specific questions about each device, and got the scoop on up-and-coming versions and devices.

To sum up: Camera sizes are getting smaller, what they can see (range and clarity) is getting bigger, and what they can DO is changing dramatically! Take the TIOC (Three in One) camera for instance, the version we saw is great under low-light or night conditions, has built-in Artificial Intelligence, App integration, and has built-in two-way communication capabilities.

We want to thank Pauline, Leib, Jiang, and the rest of the team for giving us such an in-depth demonstration of some of the latest and greatest pieces of technology Dahua has to offer!

*Disclaimer, Verifier is in no way financially incentivized by Dahua, and remains an independent off-site monitoring security service. The views expressed in this blog is that of the individual staff members. Please speak with your CCTV technology installer if you would like to enquire about any Dahua products.

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