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Doing renovations?…Let us know!

A client recently asked how the renovations they were doing at their property could affect their security, and we thought it was a great topic to elaborate on. To be clear, the vast majority of renovations to a client’s property do not affect your site’s security or our ability to monitor off-site.

However, there are several additional threats to your site’s security that indirectly occur as a result of renovations which may make your site vulnerable or targeted.

Why renovations pose security risks:

  • How well do you know or trust the companies you hire to do the renovations?

There may be many people on-site during the day, any of whom may have been scouting the property. Renovations can increase your risk of information about your site being passed on to third parties. While this may be another step in your renovation process, getting your contractors vetted in advance can allow you to know who it is that is working at your home. Most Security Estates won’t allow external contractors to gain entrance without prior vetted approval, so why should your house be any different?

  • Extensive renovations may be seen from the street as an opportunistic target.

Building sites and renovations often have building materials stored on-site. These materials have a high demand and a lower profile than say a TV. Additionally, these goods may be left out in the open or in an unusual place either due to storage space considerations, or unintentionally.

  • Potential for site over-activity.

Normal camera functionality may be altered due to scaffolding, protective sheeting and the like affecting the cameras/passive beams. While in this scenario we would immediately inform the client (some clients' systems only activate at a certain time, or upon alarm activation), the flapping of protective plastic sheets etc. in the wind may still lead to over-active alert signals coming through to us. This would mean we would have to contact our clients or the site manager throughout the night until the problem is resolved the following day. While we verify the causes of each alert we receive, we may still need to contact a client. Over-activity may increase your premium with us as your site may reach the monthly allowed activations in a single night.

  • Some CCTV cameras may have their settings re-set due to extended power instability during construction, or in the case of external construction cameras may need to be removed and re-positioned.

While A.I enhanced cameras will still be able to detect movement or an intruder once back online, the field of view may change. This may lead to further over-activities if foliage or possible vehicles outside the property but in the camera’s field of view triggers an alert. If a camera needs to be moved in the case of external renovations or construction it may leave a temporary blind spot, and will need to be tested in the new position once installed. This information is vital for on-site guards as well.

How Verifier can help with enhancing your security during renovations:

  • Let us help you plan in advance.

We have qualified risk assessors on staff that will be able to assess the renovations you are planning, and can advise you on appropriate courses of action to mitigate potential risks both during the renovation period and after the construction has been completed. By planning in advance it can save you in costs through advice on the appropriate technology to use to monitor the renovated space, and by reducing the need for additional callout fees for installers needing to adjust or test the system.

  • Vetting the companies you hire to do the renovations:

Through our connections with law enforcement, and our extensive LPR databases (our private database, and accessing SAPS database) we can do prior examinations of the renovation company vehicle’s license plate to assess if it has been connected to any illegal activity. Part of our extended managed services is background checks on companies and individuals. It should be seen as a red flag if the company you hire to renovate your property does not comply with even the most basic background checks.

  • Site-overactivity prevention:

By informing us of upcoming renovations we can have our tech support team at the ready to communicate with our clients or your chosen installer partner to do a live test of your site. This will ensure all of your camera settings are accurate, and to detect possible causes of over-activity to nip it in the bud, allowing you to have real peace of mind throughout the night, and to not be contacted continuously.

  • We also monitor construction sites.

We have a number of security solutions specifically tailored to properties that may be vacant or under construction long-term. Through guard reduction and utilization of A.I enhanced CCTV we aim to maximise your security while reducing your costs. The cap ex spent on cameras pales in comparison to the number of guards you would need to secure your site effectively. Additionally, our services are tailored based on the size and specs of your property. Through our consultancy, network of installer partners, and expertise, we can properly advise you on the appropriate cameras to be applied. We can also utilize edge-based A.I CCTV cameras with built-in active deterrent systems such as audio and strobe lighting to continuously monitor and deter intruders even if your site is not wired to the internet, through mobile connectivity, provided there is reliable power to the cameras.


Off-site monitoring works effectively when utilizing early warning systems and crime prevention strategies. Without prior consultancy and communication with independent experts before renovations or construction, any site anomalies or system issues may leave your site vulnerable to external threats or overactivity.

If you are planning on doing renovations, or if you are having system issues, please contact us on: 086 111 6023 or email us at .

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