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Ensure Spring is the only thing in your property this season!

With the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, now is a great time to ensure your security is in top condition. Your security system will experience wear and tear over time and needs to be maintained to ensure it works optimally to secure your property, business, and family. From spring onwards with the weather improving and more hours of sunlight we generally see an uptick in opportunistic crime, so there’s no time like the present to give your security system a check.

Here are a few suggestions of measures you can take to give your site a proper spring cleaning:

Eliminate dirt and debris:

Dirt and dust can cause problems with your beams, sensors, and camera visibility, especially after a cold, wet Winter. Walk around your property and give everything a good wipe-down, including your outside lights. Check the housing and wiring of your cameras too.

Bugs can also cause issues, so it is important to remove covers and check whether there are any ants or spiders (or webs) that need to be removed.

Trim back overgrown foliage:

Trim back foliage which may block or interfere with your camera views, or may trigger your passive beams or electric fence. Trimming your foliage regularly (in the growing seasons) also encourages “back-budding” and densification of foliage, creating bushy plants that don’t interfere as much and grow as long and ‘leggy’ over time.

Test your alarm:

You should always test your alarm at least every 6 months (especially after winter) at non-peak times to ensure all is in working order. Get in touch with your installer, or directly with us today to book a site test!

Home security upgrades:

Now is also a good time to reassess your overall home security. With the growing season here, and the festive season soon upon us, it is always wise to ensure your property is 100% secure. Consider adding additional exterior lighting or outdoor beams, and make sure your gate is secured and can’t be lifted off its rails.

Get everyone involved:

This is also a great opportunity to equip those around you to ensure your property is always secure. Show your domestic staff where the panic buttons are in your house and make sure they know what to do and who to contact in an emergency. Get to know your neighbours and share relevant contact info in case you are not home or vice versa.

Stay safe everyone!

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