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First international client.

“Tiny victories are like gems scattered on your journey, notice them.” ― Emma Xu

Sometimes milestones in the road to wherever you’re going appear out of the blue. Sometimes positive long-term client relationships manifest in ways you never expect. Recently after having a series of good interactions with a particular client, the client approached us with an idea. They were so happy with their local South African Verifier service, that they asked us if it would be possible for US to monitor one of their properties in Portugal!

After doing some work to iron out the logistics, we signed on our first international client! Because Verifier specialises in off-site CCTV monitoring, we saw that as long as there are no legal hurdles or connectivity issues between local and international ISPs, we can theoretically monitor clients internationally as effectively as locally. Time zones are never an issue because we have constant shifts going throughout the night (wherever night is for you), and as long as a site has good quality internet connectivity, we are good to go!

So for the VeriFirst time, we were able to put the theory to the test, and saw practical success!

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