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First to have national redundancy, double redundancy systems

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ― Vincent Van Gogh

With our business spread throughout South Africa, with two main Control Centres and additional flagship control centres, we needed to ensure that communications remain steady and effective despite the physical distances, and we needed measures to be put in place to ensure continuous coverage in case of some commonly occurring events (Loadshedding), and in case of a worst-case-scenario issue at one of our main control centres.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best is a good proverb. So we not only built redundancies into our systems, but we have established two layers of redundancy!

How it works:

Redundancy 1: You are always monitored by 2 Verifier stations, monitored across 4 IPS (Internet Service Providers), ensuring constant real-time connectivity.

· An alarm/alert signal originating from the client is sent simultaneously to both control centres, in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

· The signal is sent along 2 ISPs, to ensure that the signal reaches the control rooms, even if there is an issue on one of the service providers.

· The two ISPs have a range of service types, such as Wireless and Fibre, to ensure another built-in redundancy.

· The signal is picked up by the control centre operator at whichever control centre is available to take the alarm.

· If one control centre should become compromised, the other will automatically load balance.

Redundancy 2: Technical support from Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Operational support from Cape Town and Johannesburg.

· We have provided extensive training for our control centre operators, ensuring a consistent quality of qualification and know-how at both of our control centres.

· We routinely upskill our Management/admin, Operations, and Technical Support teams. No matter which control centre takes your alarm notification, there is a consistent management/higher-level quality.

This VeriFirst has certainly been a first for us, knowing that our service has achieved a new level of resistance to issues such as loadshedding, political/social upheaval and quality assurance has definitely allowed us to flourish and reach levels of communication and efficiency we never thought was possible a few years ago. And as far as we know, we are the first off-site CCTV company in South Africa to create this type of double (or more) redundancy system.

So here’s to the small things brought together to make something bigger a reality!

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