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Integration Focus: Milestone Systems

When a client needs a platform able to interface with existing technology on-site, and provide cutting-edge artificial intelligence capable of a variety of needs, they look to Milestone! With our VCC monitoring software advancing daily, we are continuously on the hunt for new and exciting technology companies to integrate into the services we offer our clients! Here is a bit more about Milestone, who they are, what they’re great at, and why we’re excited to integrate with them!

Who they are:

From their inception in Denmark in 1998, they have grown substantially to a multinational company with offices in over 25 countries, with more than a thousand employees! They specialise in providing open-platform video management software for the security industry and beyond, and take special interest in ensuring responsible and data-driven technology. From addressing vandalism in school districts, to helping remote airports operate effectively, their application potential is vast.

What they’re great at:

  • Award-winning A.I video analytics technology.

  • Foundational technology that serves as an IoT (Internet of Things) connector.

  • Their open platform, data-driven video technology enhances client system flexibility thanks to its compatibility with a wide array of hardware and software providers.

  • Advanced search capabilities, reducing the time it takes to find specific footage by around 95%.

  • Smart City enhancer. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas upgraded its video technology system for the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) to reduce, and to help authorities manage emergency responses.

How we work with them:

Our VCC software fully integrates with Milestone and can receive events from any associated systems such as video analytics or any I/O devices. Taking advantage of our in-built SOP management system our operators will know exactly how to manage each and every alarm received for the system.


With a robust and connected open-platform software under our belt, we are glad to be able to integrate with Milestone Systems!

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