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Interview with Mark and Ansaar:

When a company begins, you usually bless your lucky stars if it makes it through the first few years. When a company hits the decade point, it’s commendable that throughout the changing seasons it has endured. But the biggest sign that a company has ‘made it’, is when an employee reaches a decade of working at your company! We are proud to have not one, but two talented and core members of the Verifier Team reach this milestone, and in the same year separated only by a matter of months!

To commemorate the time Mark A. and Ansaar K. have dedicated to Verifier over the past 10 years, we were curious to know how they have seen the security industry as a whole, and Verifier as a company change over their careers (so far 😊).

Q: What changes have you seen in the broad security industry in the past decade?

· M: I’ve noticed how the use of technology has grown since I started, how effective it has become in assisting with the prevention of crime.

· A: The security industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, given our demographics and uptick in crime, many companies have embraced a multi-services approach.

Q: What piece of technology do you believe has been the biggest game-changer? (Hardware, software, a use of technology etc.)

· M: Software progress has been the biggest game changer for me as it assists in streamlining and improving efficiency, as well as assisting transparency with various communication tools.

· A: The introduction of Artificial intelligence related products within the surveillance field has been the biggest game changer.

Q:What changes have you seen at Verifier over your time here?

· M: I’ve seen Verifier expanding into various fields of the business, and I’ve seen a significant growth in staff. I think it’s because Verifier is always looking into new ways of innovating how software is used, and ways to better improve service to our clients.

· A: Verifier has surely come of age, from a garage run operation to a market leader in off-site surveillance, and now to a fully-fledged services management company!

Q:How have your roles evolved over time?

· M: I started as an operator, and I was later promoted to supervisor. Eventually I became part of the tech support team where I was given space to train and show my interest in technology. Today I’m the National I.T manager.

· A: I started out as a junior CCTV operator, and I have since been promoted to shift supervisor. As the organization grew, the opportunity arose to join the technical team alongside Mark, which I’ve embraced wholeheartedly.

Q:Where do you see the industry heading in the near future?

· M: The way technology is growing I believe that the company will continue to expand the ways we use emerging technology.

· A: The security industry in general is becoming more tech savvy and automated by the day. Since the dawn of IOT there is great room for expansion within the industry.

Q:What changes or additions would you like to see happen?

· M: I’d want to see new ways of upgrading workplace technology, which can increase team bonding and incentivise all employees.

· A: I’d like to see further advancement in the artificial intelligence and video surveillance systems.

Q:Do you have any memorable or meaningful experiences you’ve taken from your time at Verifier or working in the broader security industry?

· M: I never thought when starting at Verifier that I would have the opportunity to grow as much as I have in the company. In my time here I have learnt a lot and I’m still learning daily.

· A: Totally! From my first catch, up to now in the technical department, it’s always heart-warming to know that you are part of a dynamic team who cares.

Thank you Mark and Ansaar for all the years of dedicated work you’ve put into taking Verifier to the next level! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

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