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Introducing our new partners. Refraime and Actuate.

We have partnered with two new and exciting A.I video analytics suppliers, from South Africa and the U.S. Both companies’ software feature highly customizable detection categories, and both fully integrate with most analog and digital cameras, as well as VCC.

Here are a few key features and benefits of each:


Actuate is an American company that specialises in A.I powered video analytics. Their real-time detection system is used by over 1000+ companies and schools.

Features: Actuate’s technology integrates with existing systems to enhance their categories of recognition, allowing you to specifically monitor for alerts such as Guns, Intruders, Crowds and loitering, making them ideal for malls/commercial/business park applications.


  • Software only: no new hardware required, cloud based integration for low cost enhancement.

  • Real-time quick alerts: instant detection, informative alerts.

  • Minimizes A.I bias: eliminates bias and respects privacy, collects no personally identifiable info.

Contact details:


Refraime is a local company that utilises smart,responsive A.I to enhance existing systems.

Features: Aimed to eliminate the guesswork in video analytics, Refraime’s built & trained computer vision A.I models accurately detect a number of widely differing categories.


  • Existing camera compatibility: quick and seamless integration with most digital and analog cameras.

  • Adaptable configurations: customizable safe zones and objects of interest.

  • Reduced false alerts: less than 2% on average, with the ability to learn custom alert inputs.

  • Affordable and user friendly: easy to use, easy to install, whether it’s at home, the office, or for industrial applications.

Contact details:

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