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Top 10 ways to mitigate the risks fire poses on your property.

2023 broke heat records around the globe, and 2024 is set to be another scorcher. With the hottest and driest part of the year (for much of the country) occurring during summer, what better time to consider your fire preparedness. Here are our top 10 tips to prevent the risks involved with fire from engulfing your property.


  1. Fire breaks: If you have one, maintain it. This means regularly checking to see if there are any fire-accelerating agents accumulated (debris and litter), and regularly clearing any cutback your council may do if they have not removed it. If you don’t have a fire break, reach out to your local municipality council to see if it is possible to create one by your property.

  2. Know your site’s specific risks: Know your site’s specific risks and advantages when it comes to fires. Are you isolated and far from a fire station? Does your site sit along a greenbelt or veld/mountain? Do you have on-site water storage?

  3. If possible, cut back and remove foliage: By cutting back and removing foliage on the perimeter of your property, not only does this ensure your CCTV equipment functions optimally, but it may prevent a fire from spreading to your property from an adjacent site.

  4. Have an up-to-date fire protection system: By installing, and regularly maintaining your fire protection system (such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers/alarms, and emergency exit signs) you can prevent or mitigate the most serious aspects of a fire, and you can give yourself time to respond.

  5. Solar installation: When it comes to Solar Installation, ensure the company you use is reputable, and ensure you get a compliance inspection upon completion. And once your solar system is operational, set reminders to regularly check your system. If you suspect anything is out of the ordinary, immediately get it checked!

  6. Residential: Keep your property clean, and use cooking equipment carefully. By keeping your living space clear of clutter, you can prevent an accidental fire from starting (such as a dropped candle), and in an emergency, you can have a clear path to safety.

  7. Commercial: Keep any flammable substances stored safely. If you use any flammable substances or store easily ignitable goods, ensure they are stored correctly.

  8. Regularly train your family/staff on fire preparedness: Ultimately (as much as it may be financially catastrophic) a building can be rebuilt. A member of staff can not be replaced. Having staff well trained in fire safety, and what to do in a fire-related emergency, is crucial to prevent a fire from occurring, spreading, and endangering your life/the lives of your employees.

  9. Have your most important documents in one place and ready to transport: Have a go-bag of sorts with the original documents your business or household needs. Try and keep these in a secure, but quickly obtainable place.  We highly recommend you have these documents backed up and copied off-site or to the cloud. Tell specific people where the files are and how to get them.

  10. Utilise the power of A.I and a dedicated fire monitoring service: If there is a fire on your doorstep but you don’t know about it in time, all of the above-mentioned mitigation strategies may be put in peril. One of the services we offer is dedicated fire/ alarm monitoring. Utilising the power of Artificial Intelligence and CCTV, we can give you the critical time needed to address an unfolding fire-related situation, and can help you prevent a fire from even reaching your property in the first place.

Cape Town has had one of the worst fire seasons on record, and it’s only halfway through summer! Over the past few years, we have prevented numerous fires from damaging clients’ properties, saving potentially millions of Rands in goods and equipment damage in the process. Fires are unpredictable, so don’t wait, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you mitigate the risk fire poses on your property!

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