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Trust & Transparency

What makes something trustworthy? How do you define trust?

These are questions that affect and inform decisions made daily. Security and trust go hand in hand, or at least, they should. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust is not the expectation of perfect, but rather the expectation that if and when a situation occurs, the trusted party will have the ability to deal with it, the conviction to attend to the matter promptly, and an open and transparent line of communication between all parties.

Who is trustworthy or not?

The role of the Client, Police, Armed Response, Onsite Guards, and Off-site Monitoring Companies.

All parties that play a critical role in the security industry each have their own strengths and weaknesses which may complement each other when working hand in hand. It is no secret that our National Police Service is severely under resourced, under trained and rife with corruption. Where Armed response companies may have the financial and physical resources to assist the police in visibility and reaction, they may lack the technological expertise to manage the various technologies off-site monitoring companies specialise in. With today’s economic climate, clients are wary of the costs involved in their security systems and services which results in sourcing the most cost-effective solution, which may not always be the most effective. Furthermore, they may neglect their security systems which can cause headaches for the companies appointed to react to them.

Where does a breakdown in trust happen?

A breakdown in trust happens either between these parties, or between one of these parties and an external source. Generally, the client places trust in the various players in the chain of security providers. As previously mentioned, each player has drawbacks and strengths, but here is where trust truly comes to a front. What breaks down trust is a lack of transparent communication between the parties. If an incident happens on your property and it feels like a case of broken telephone, how can you trust the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided to you by the various parties?

Why does a breakdown happen?

Trust becomes eroded when the benefit of short-term opportunity (be it collusion or an attempt to cover up a mistake) outweighs the benefit of long-term hard-earned trust, when the client’s belief in the ability and reliability of a provider breaks down, and when transparency in communication becomes clouded.

How does Verifier help ensure and maintain a trust relationship with the client?

Reliability, capability, and transparency. Verifier acts as a glue that helps connect and bond together all aspects of the security chain, from installers and technicians through to guards/armed response/police and the client. By positioning ourselves at an arm’s distance from all parties we help establish an independent overview of what is happening at a client’s site. Verifier stands as a reliable consultant that provides transparent and timely information and accurate reporting, as well as effective preventative security operations. We ensure our staff are continuously trained and upskilled in not only technology and systems related knowledge, but also in conflict mediation, operational management, and communications/reporting.

Trust is knowing without a shadow of a doubt that if and when a situation occurs, your service provider will have the skills and training needed to address the problem, report on their findings and any and all shortcomings, whether internal or external, will be part of this transparent report. Our clients feel a real peace of mind, knowing that trust and accountability is our main priority.

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