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Verifier and A.I, a Game-changing Duo.

Artificial Intelligence is more than a buzzword these days. It has already fundamentally shifted the way security services operate, and it is the basis of modern off-site monitoring. A.I is not a new concept, but the ever-increasing degree of effectiveness and scope of abilities is truly groundbreaking. This blog will give you a few reasons why A.I is a game changer, and why you should choose Verifier for your A.I driven Off-site Security needs!

Why A.I is a game changer:

  1. A.I is all about pro-active preventative security, not reactive mitigation. CCTV began as a tool to record and review live streams of cameras either for a security guard to monitor for hours non-stop, or to be reviewed at a later date. While this was useful in forensic investigations, the security applications were limited by the capabilities of the human guards and managers. The first form of Video Analytics (VA) began in the 90s but was plagued by false alarms. But times change and the algorithms have improved to the point where they would be considered science fiction in the 90s! For video surveillance, access control or risk management, A.I has facilitated a fundamental switch over from reactive mitigation to pro-active preventative operations.

  2. A.I has a 24/7 attention span: Where security guards are limited to their attention span (and how much caffeine they can tolerate), A.I software has a virtually limitless attention span. The algorithms can scan a camera feed for countless triggers, and countless license plates or vehicles, and accurately notify human operators to what they record. Day or night, these remarkable machines do not tire, get bored, or deviate from their tasks.

  3. A.I can do the boring, repetitive grunt work: Speaking of repetitive work, one of the main benefits of A.I for off-site security is they alleviate the task of scanning endless feeds for possible alert triggers, freeing human control centre operators to focus on addressing the legitimate alerts they receive. With an algorithm able to scan multiple feeds from multiple cameras, and multiple clients simultaneously, they also reduce the need for hundreds of security guards. Core security guards and armed response / SAPS will even be more effective by the rapid reporting and alerts received from the A.I. Establishing a partnership between A.I and skilled security/policing staff means that people-power can be utilised where it’s most effective.

  4. A.I can alert a human operative in an instant: The lightning-fast processing speeds of A.I software (increasingly used on the “edge” where the alert is generated from) means that a huge amount of decision fatigue is eliminated from the daily cognitive burdens of off-site security operators. AI-powered security systems are effective at real-time threat detection, predictive analysis, and even anomaly detection. They are so good at alerting to potential threats that the challenge becomes filtering and reducing over-activity! This is where human verification is vital.

  5. A.I systems can upgrade your existing security system: On top of this all, A.I has the ability to upgrade existing security systems that never has smart capabilities. With A.I you can get a massive boost to your system at a marginal cost. Now that’s smart security!

Why Verifier is unique: 

  • Multiple streams of A.I. integrations: A.I software service providers aim to differentiate their products by focusing on enhancing certain capabilities. Not all A.I is made with the same goals in mind, so why treat your A.I-driven security system with the same mindset and goals of every other site? Verifier incorporates as many different systems as we can integrate with our centralised monitoring platform. This enables us to constantly test, innovate, and determine which systems work optimally for our client base.

  • Not just “one flavour” of A.I. Not only do we have different brands of A.I in use, but we have different ‘flavours’ of A.I working in tandem to cover our bases and constantly add to the services on offer to our clients. We utilise cutting-edge A.I video analytics in Automated Number Plate Recognition/ Licence Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR), fire and alarm monitoring, commercial and residential monitoring, and we have recently expanded our Managed Services capabilities using IoT devices in collaboration with established A.I off-site security infrastructure.

  • Many type of A.I for different needs/ uses. Good is not good enough for us. On a scale of 1-10, we don’t do 7s, only 8s and above! We utilise the most applicable A.I systems for the appropriate needs of our clients. That being said, modern A.I systems don’t have to cost the earth. The lines of communication and effectiveness of each layer of A.I device / A.I-driven CCTV infrastructure is where the magic happens. Utilising Edge-based devices, our centralised top tier internationally recognised monitoring platform, and multiple complimentary A.I service providers effectively reduce over-active systems while streamlining the effectiveness of the A.I systems to learn the correct alarm activation triggers over time.

  • One platform to run all the types. Our centralised A.I driven VCC monitoring platform plays a pivotal role in communicating and coordinating the alerts we receive from our clients’ A.I enabled systems. Our unified monitoring platform allows any operator designated to the client type across our control centres, across the country, to take the alerts, and after the incident has been resolved produces automated client-oriented reports.

  • Experience: Ultimately though, A.I is a tool and not the user. Without teams of expert technical support staff, our curated network of trusted and highly capable channel partners/ installers, and our dedicated control room operators, we would not be able to use the groundbreaking and game-changing A.I technologies available to their full potential. As before mentioned, establishing a partnership between A.I and skilled off-site monitoring staff means that people power can be utilised where it’s most effective. And with experience and passion guiding us, Verifier is taking leaps and bounds in the realm of A.I powered security.

A sneak peak of where we’re going with A.I.

  • A.I on A.I, on A.I!

The purpose of A.I in the off-site monitoring space is to alert human operators to potential threats, which are then dealt with in accordance to carefully crafted Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We have simply taken this principle and applied it internally for further enhanced quality assurance and business intelligence gathering. We have taken the principles that make our Managed Services so effective at transforming our clients’ operations, to make our own services as fast and effective as we can be for our clients.

  • New markets for our services, and new services for our markets.

Without letting the cat out of the bag, we are taking A.I systems to the next level! We have a few new projects in development, so stay tuned to our foray into never-before-seen A.I powered services.


Artificial Intelligence has fundamentally shifted the way in which off-site security services operate, and the ever-increasing degree of effectiveness and scope of its abilities is truly groundbreaking. We hope you have enjoyed our take on why A.I is a game changer, and shown you why Verifier should be your go-to provider to cater for your unique A.I driven Off-site Security and Managed Services needs!

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