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Verifier’s operations Strikes a balance!

The tree that can’t bend in the wind, breaks. You can’t prevent the wind from blowing so, as a business, how do you create the flexibility you need to adapt to changes in your environment? How do you stay adaptable? You balance the load placed on you. This article is a full response to the recent unrest in the Western Cape, so read on to see how VCC played a pivotal role in addressing the needs of our business, so we could ensure the needs of our clients were met!


With the recent Taxi Strikes that took place in Cape Town (and much of the Western Cape), as with many businesses, we had several staff members struggle to make it to work. As a result of past COVID regulations, we had already established ongoing private transportation for the majority of staff who required it, operating to the best of our abilities.

Yet even with these measures, the rapid nature of the escalating protests and striking action meant that some areas of Cape Town were either unsafe or inaccessible due to road closures and incidents such as blockades and vehicles set alight.

Due to the changes in our organisation resulting from years of the pandemic, strikes, loadshedding and other forms of geo-political turmoil, we were ready. We were unbelievably thankful we had already established our dual load-balancing protocols, where we were able to rapidly and seamlessly shift the load from CT through to our Gauteng branch in order to compensate for the staffing issues.


Out of the chaos, a proof of concept emerged. Our VCC (Virtual Command Centre) system worked effectively to manage the rapid onset of the strikes. Adaptability will become vitally important for businesses to operate without hiccups in the future.

Our VCC system is great for more than just dealing with disasters and unforeseen societal happenings. The virtual management of our command centres along a central management platform means that our system is fluid, adaptable, visual, and scalable.

We have the capability to adapt to real-time changes or operational/management demands within our organisation, whether the forces of change affect one of our core command centres, or one of our flagship managed service branches. Access to VCC (a reliable virtual management and redundancy system) is one of the many benefits our clients can expect from our managed services!


How do you balance the load placed on you or manage changes that happen in the blink of an eye? You expect the changes, accept that the wind will howl, and you build in ways to remain flexible. We are grateful we looked to the future and acted on the insight gained to make effective changes. We’re in the business of preventative security after all!

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