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VeriFirst VCC: first real-time, dual redundancy load-balancing Virtual Command Centre in SA!

“A milestone is less date and more definition.” ~ Rands (Michael Lopp)

Having multiple nationwide control centres across South Africa, it can be difficult to coordinate and manage staff workflows. There may be communication delays or confusion, or there may be overlays of the duties of certain staff members. Having multiple locations, but treating them like one single company had been a challenge, until we thought ahead.

We realised that the future of work is remote, and digital in nature. So that’s exactly what we did, we took things to the virtual world. We established the Verifier Virtual Control Centre, a platform where we can monitor and manage all workflows across all our control centres, from one single platform.

  • This allows us to balance the demands of different services, ensuring that all sections of our company are ticking along effectively.

  • This also allows us to predict and mediate potential bottlenecks, or under-utilisation of resources.

We can say without a doubt that we are the VeriFirst off-site security company in South Africa to operate virtually in this way. We are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient, and future-proof. This structure also allows us to integrate additional federated flagship control centres into our established mix, seamlessly.

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