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What the *%#$ are Managed Services?

With costs rising everywhere, businesses are looking to cut costs while maintaining their integrity and quality of service. While it may seem like an impossible task, managed services can be a great way of doing just that.

But with such a vague corporate-speak-sounding term, most people switch off to the idea before they can even see the benefits. We hope this blog can turn you on to the idea of managed services, while briefly explaining what managed services do, what our managed services are, and why Managed services is a major buzzword for 2023!

What's the Difference Between Managed Services Model and Outsourcing?


  • When a third party does a highly specific job, assigned by the parent company.

  • Often lacks appropriate training/ skillset.

  • Similar workforce, just spread to different locations.

  • Often done on the periphery of business functions.

  • Relieves ‘grunt work’ necessities.

  • Outdated, quite frankly.

  • Short-term mechanical mentality.

Managed services:

  • A third party manages a broad scope of operations for a company, with the aim of not only doing what the client company wants, but using technology and effective management to improve overall business functions.

  • Central to the improved functioning of a business.

  • Responsible for anticipating a client’s needs, and takes risk off the client, while reducing directly-employed staff.

  • Relieves high-level functioning management, to allow staff to better prioritise their core tasks.

  • Often takes a more holistic approach to providing excellence in technology services, allowing for an increased foresight, and educated consultation in collaboration with clients.

  • Long-term organic growth mentality.

  • An efficient way of accessing the latest technology, skills, and services at an affordable rate.

Verifier’s Managed Services in a nutshell:

Our main managed services incorporate security-centric Operations, Technology, and Business Intelligence.


  • Your site, our management.

  • We place well trained personnel into your business to fill a function.

  • They report back directly to Verifier and the client. Our staff have broad operational expertise dealing with call centres, facilities/security management, training, and implementation of new technology.

  • Any aspect of your business that needs a specialised know-how we will equip or upskill our staff to ensure competency. We train and provide a high calibre of staff.

  • The best part is the client won’t have to worry about what’s going on at their site at all hours of the night! Verifier will take care of the 24/7 site management, provide accurate reporting, and escalate an alert to the client only if urgent or necessary.

  • We can also provide a hybrid of on-site services blended with some off-site monitoring services in order to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • We ensure compliance with regards to fire, insurance, safety and other standards of operations and technology, so you don’t get blindsided by unexpected compliance issues.

  • We provide end-to-end technology consultancy and management, allowing us to address any technical issues you have onsite, and in the process saving you time and money, while enhancing the understanding you have over your systems.

Business Intelligence:

  • We address the overload facilities managers often face, and the disjointed reporting, lack of accountability and redundancies that result.

  • We use our expertise in the field to help consolidate the people and systems at the core of your operations, in a way that is adaptable to changing demands/complexity.

  • Leveraging Internet of Things (IOT) technology to streamline facilities management, with the support from Verifier's off-site Control Centres, Facilities managers are able to expand their technological capabilities, thereby supporting and enhancing their existing manpower services through a number of unique innovations.

  • These innovations include increasing efficiencies via data insights, re-purposing existing resources to optimise the systems you already have, and the use of Applied intelligence with interwoven PSIM (physical security information management), BMS (building management system) and IOT (internet of things) management systems.


  • Proactive support by highly skilled management staff.

  • Centralised management.

  • Reminders of scheduled maintenance, reporting/analytics capabilities

  • Better risk management. Outsource your risk.

  • Lower technology cost. Cost saving through efficiencies and staff reduction.

  • Efficient service delivery in a specialised field of expertise.

Managed services in 2023:

Applied A.I:

Food for thought. In this article written in SecuritySA : ( ), they’ve identified a few notable technology trends affecting the security sector in 2023. One of these highlighted trends directly relates to our approach to Managed Services, and will play an increasingly important role in businesses on large using A.I for management and security uses going forward.

A move towards actionable insights: They have identified a shift towards utilising A.I and technology to generate actionable insights into business operations and security functions. They say the technology is shifting from being used to simply tell you something is wrong, to enhancing understanding of your business’s overall functionality, helping you decide what action to take. Utilising technology such as IoT, alongside effective management of these devices, has the effect of alleviating downtime in businesses in crucial industries such as industrial sites and factories, which can be costly. Examples of actionable insight include managed maintenance checks and informed preventative maintenance ahead of time to prevent outright failure.


  • Reduced risk, cost, and midnight callouts.

  • Increased effectiveness, access to technology and expertise, utilisation of technology and increased reporting capabilities.

  • Utilising Managed Services is the way forward!

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