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Who’s watching your vacant property?

Whether you have a vacant lot, a house or property mid-way through construction, an empty site is a prime target for opportunistic crime! Construction materials, copper wire and tools are often sought after by thieves, but issues such as people squatting or using the site as a meeting place for targeting other businesses and properties affects the community around a vacant site. Not to mention the potential damage to the property itself.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • An empty lot isn’t always empty.

  • During construction there are people coming in and out, delivering goods, equipment, tools etc.

  • After hours there are no people, but there are goods like copper piping and cables, bricks, cement etc. these all cost, and are easy to steal.

  • Construction is expensive enough as it is without having to factor in theft, or property damage.

The first thing that many property owners do is hire an on-site security guard or two to patrol the site. But this is only a quick fix, and leaves the job only partially finished and secure.

Reasons being:

  • On-site guards are often victims of assault or intimidation, and without off-site CCTV monitoring to back them up, they are left to fend for themselves.

  • Many on-site guards are neither paid enough, nor trained enough to handle a situation, leaving your site vulnerable.

  • And with property development, that situation takes on a new level due to the size of the properties.

So what can be done about it?

  • Early warning and preventative measures is key here! You’ll want the best early warning detection possible (that is also financially feasible) to prevent theft, and you’ll want accurate CCTV systems that are A.I powered and accurate under low-light/night conditions.

  • A.I powered CCTV cameras can give any on-site guards employed accurate real-time knowledge of what’s going on at the site, to best protect them and your property.

  • An off-site monitoring company like Verifier can also back them up by co-ordinating with the police, ensure accountability and transparency with the client, and ensure that on-site guards aren’t sleeping on the job or cutting corners.

In conclusion, who’s watching your vacant property? Us…or criminals?

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